About Us

Since launching ai4impact in 2019, we have successfully trained hundreds of non-programmers to create useful AI solutions in a few weeks.

We do this because we believe AI should be accessible to anyone with expertise in some domain - science, medicine, engineering, business, law or finance.

We believe AI can help change our lives for the better, through new medicines, new engineering marvels and by helping us predict the future better.

IoT Datathon 3.0 finalists at the National University of Singapore

We do this through our online AI learning platform, live classrooms with mentorship and online training material (more to come!).

Learn AI and Build Applications

We only do deep dives into areas we've worked on ourselves - prediction.

We will help you:

IoT Datathon 3.0 participants.

Recently, we've begun a showcase of our students' work. This will help you get recognized as a successful AI practitioner and obtain industry feedback.

Join ai4impact

To get started, we'd recommend joining ai4impact. This is really to help us contact you for updates and to manage access to our online tools.

So, while some of our training material is available online without a signup, membership has its privileges! This includes access to more advanced training and your own key to Autocaffe, our online AI learning platform. All our training is done using Autocaffe.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments drop us an email at: ai4impact (at) gmail (dot) com.