Mainstream AI and data analysis tools are designed for programmers. This makes it hard for non-programmers to get started learning and applying AI. Often these languages and tools take months of learning for you to become productive.

Happy Autocaffe users. 😊

We created Autocaffe (and Smojo, a new programming language) to help non-programmers learn build AI applications. This is possible because Autocaffe greatly reduces the complexity of programming AI problems. It allows you to run and analyse thousands of AI experiments efficiently.

Our students learned and successfully developed predictive AI applications within weeks.

Autocaffe with a set of neural networks defined for training.

Autocaffe Features

Autocaffe Labs: End-to-end AI development platform, from data ingestion to app development, simplified for non-programmers. Run thousands of AI experiments within a few lines of code, and deploy your AI application in minutes.

Autocaffe Labs - each comes with detailed lab notes and industry projects. Labs is an integral part of Autocaffe. You get free access to both after you sign up.

Learning Modules: Basic to advanced AI learning resources and tracks (lecture videos, lab exercises, code templates, online quizzes, etc) integrated into the Autocaffe Labs. Optimized for hands-on learning with immediate feedback.

Industry Projects: Exclusive access to industry challenges and real-world datasets from the world's leading organizations.

Resource Management: Automated back-end data management, scheduling, deployment, user governance, security, and compute resources provisioning

The results of running 60 configurations. Our training videos and online classes focus on helping you interpret these results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to install anything to run Autocaffe?

No. Autocaffe runs on your browser. Just login and start learning AI immediately.

Q: Any system prerequisites for using Autocaffe?

There are no system prerequisites, but you do need a modern (post 2010) web browser. We've optimized Autocaffe for Firefox, but really, any modern browser will do.

Q: What scripting language does Autocaffe use?

Autocaffe is written in and uses Smojo, a new programming language we designed for AI and data science. Non-programmers should be able to learn and use basic Smojo within a couple of hours. The more advanced features - quotations, sequences and higher-order functions - will take a couple of days to learn and digest.

Q: What is the difference between Autocaffe and Tensorflow/Keras?

Autocaffe is cloud-based software designed specifically for non-programmers.

We've simplified and automated much of the programming needed to run AI projects. We specialize in prediction problems. This greatly reduces the amount of coding required. The little "coding" you do focuses on the core of what matters.

Tensorflow and Keras are AI frameworks designed for programmers. The programming required is much more complex than for Autocaffe.

Q: Can I apply what I've learnt in Autocaffe to other tools or frameworks?

Absolutely. What Autocaffe does best is to help you get familiar with the end-to-end AI development process quickly, painlessly and successfully. This process is the same no matter what programming language or framework you use.