Having gone through a two week intensive bootcamp and chatbot development, the teams of BB2020 are proud to present their work.

Do have a look at the chatbots below and have fun playing with them!

AskThenThrow by SilkyPants

Your eco-friendly chatbot!

StoryBot by HireUsPls

A choose-your-own-adventure storytelling chatbot

The Little Chef by The Little Chef

The Little Chef recommends you recipe based on ingredients you have at home.

baobaobot by 🥺 👉 👈

With baobao foodie bot, "anything" will no longer be a thing.

TDEE Calculator Bot by Gill Bates

Calculating your caloric needs

Bobo BOT by Triple A Battery

CB? Have a Chat Bot to Cure your Boredom

Food Companion by Rendezvous
Your Malaysia food hunting companion.

aims4food by AIMS
Your friendly companion on the foodie express!

Corona Bot by Achilles
I am Corona BOT, I am here to clarify facts about corona

Starterpecs by Starterpecs
Starterpecs is an interactive bot that helps the user achieve a healthy lifestyle through exercise and health checklists.

MRT by Team Alamak
A chatbot created to suggest places one can visit at different MRT Stations.

Kiwi by Tiny Planets
A Friendly Recommendation Companion

B-FIT Bot by The Imitators
Harness the power within yourself. Be fit at your home !

conFOOseD by Acinonyx
Food suggestions for indecisive people out there

kindmind by ymcan
kindmind to soothe your mind :-)

Covid_bot by wey aa bree ish famalae
Addresses peoples doubts on the current situation in covid 19.

firstaid by NinjaKoala
A first aid chatbot

EnviroBot by BeBeBe
EnviroBot bridges the knowledge gap about sustainable living by providing insights on sustainable living.

Teabot by NinjaKoala
TeaBot recommends you tea to make you feel better, and gives you some information on a tea you entered.

BotPal by Quantum
BotPal, your best buddy and assistant.

UMChat by Tococat
Easiest way to get to know more about a University.

Rordon Gamsay Bot by ÆSC-20
Find the perfect food delivery promotions for you

avocado milkshake by avocado milkshake
Avocade milkshake enlightens your day and makes your life refreshing!

Claryee's Chatbot by Claryee's Chatbot
Because we all need some joy in life :D

potato by JxHx
Moviebot to help you kill boredom

Mario by Ironflameboys
Mario, a simple entertainer chatbot.

Chattybirds historical by Chattybirds
Chat with figures of Singapore's history to contextualise personal struggles.

Bot in the House by Bot in the House
Find something to do when you're bored in the house

Fitbot by Plunder Kings
Fitbot offers users workouts according to their needs

CB4Chatbot by JunKar
Provide suggestions on activities and relevant help in midst of COVID-19

Eggy by Jia Zhi
Egg-ducation, cooking and fun chatbot!

Fairy-the-Gifter by Bot-the-Builder
Pick a gift for your friend fuss free!

Quarantine Recipe Food Bot by Cheeky Chick
A friend that cooks with you during quarantine

Covid Awareness by NTU
A simple chatbot to spread awareness about COVID-19

Recipe Bot by Operation AI
It is a bot that gives you ideas of what to cook together with the recipe

Baker Bot by CPChicken
A recipe recommender based on available ingredients

Wellness Chatbot by Chengpy
The Chatbot that looks out for everyone, all of us, to screen for users with suicide ideations.

DOGGO by Team Rojak
your friendly and helpful dog information provider

CatChat by CatChat
Organised compilation of information about cat adoption.

MaskBot by SPMSboleh!
MaskBot: A Recommendation for Killing Time

XiaoLongBot by Commoners
Recommending the best Malaysian Cuisine.

MalaBot by MalaBot
Novel Bot that has many features to accompany you during quarantine

tAI tAI bot by The tAI tAIs
Wellness companion for your every emotion

Chef by Mala Bot

Tourbot by XXX
A chatbot providing concise travel information

Gideon by Gideon
A chatbot that knows about itself

kbot kiki by Moment of Alwaysness
get to know more about kpop groups

exercise-bot by Mala Bot
an AI-powered chatbot to help you choose and learn exercises to do at home

Insight Jokes by Mala Bot
A bot that can make you smarter and dumber at the same time.

Fund Chatbot by Tobor Team
Bot of Memes, wise saying, and some games of guessing

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