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ai4impact students and mentors at Nanyang Technological University's Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab

All of the learning material on the ai4impact website is free for your personal learning journey into AI.

However, to get the most from ai4impact we encourage you to join our community.

Joining ai4impact is free.

Membership Benefits

  1. Access to Autocaffe, our online AI learning platform.
  2. Access to industry challenges.
  3. Exclusive invitations to join our online classes.
  4. Exclusive AI job and internship opportunities from ai4impact hiring partners.

Q: What happens after I sign up?

We will send you an email to verify the address belongs to you. Please be patient as this could take a day or so as we verify each application by hand.

Once confirmed, we will send you a welcome email containing your access credentials to Autocaffe, along with links to our full online training resources.

ai4impact students at Universitas Gunadarma

What happens after that is up to you. Our recommendation:

  1. Join us for our Welcome Tea online. The Tea helps us get to know you better, and to get you started on your AI learning journey. You will be assigned to a small study group (6-12 people) and given weekly materials to build up your AI muscles. The welcome email will include a link and a set of dates for future Tea sessions.
  2. Activate your Autocaffe account by logging in and change your password. To counter hackers, we disable accounts if they are inactive for a long time.
  3. Follow the basic "Neural Network for Forecasting" track by watching the videos and attempting the Labs.
  4. Register for a class for mentorship to work on an industry project. These are live sessions on Zoom with our mentors. We will put you into a group so you can work on projects with others.
  5. Take time to learn the basics of the new Smojo programming language. We designed it for children. It will help you build good programming habits that will last a lifetime. We wrote Autocaffe in Smojo.

We will keep you informed of new training videos and classes as we create them.

Q: Why is membership necessary?

We require membership for a few reasons:

  1. We live in the Republic of Singapore, which has sensible but strict privacy and no-spam laws. Your signup allows us to legally contact you for technical updates to Autocaffe and other administrative matters.
  2. It helps us manage & protect our compute resources. Because free online compute is a magnet for hackers and other bad actors. We want to maintain a good experience for our members.
  3. We often organize online classrooms for AI learning. These always have limited spaces and they take up our mentors' valuable time. ai4impact membership is one indication of how serious you are about learning AI. We will always give preference to serious learners.

Q: Is ai4impact a training company?

No, we are not.

We focus on AI learning: producing quality learning materials and a world-class AI learning platform.

If see an opportunity to use our course materials, feel free to contact us: ai4impact (at) gmail (dot) com

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